Friday, 13 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

Yes....yes.. and yes....that would be the answer for me if you were ask me : Is The Avenger's the most anticipated movie of the year? Would it be great if I would be able to win free passes watch the movie with all the other nuffnangers? and....Is nuffnang the best advertising company in the world?

Wohooo...The long awaited Marvel's The Avengers is finally here!!!

Featuring all the top superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk etc....who else would be a better choice than them to save our earth? Oh well.....wait till you see the new superhero that would rock his way into the new Avenger's team...

Could it be the Wonder Wom.....i mean man, Wonder Man?

 Could it be the Flashhhhhh?

Yes...u bet he is...The new Superhero worthy to join the forces of The Avengers is Dr....Sheldon Cooper!!!!!! I want to be Dr Sheldon Cooper and and I am on my way to join the forces of The Avengers.......

The reason i want to be him is because he has the capability to annoy every single bad ass villain out there and he is smart!!!! By being Dr Sheldon Cooper....I am going to save the world by running as fast as the flashhhh....seduce all the villians by acting as wonder woman and use my super mind power to overpower my enemy...Feel it now? Bazinga!

Good luck to the evil villians...I am on my way to destroy all of you and save the citizens of earth..."Live Long and Prosper Earth-lings" as long as Dr Sheldon is in the house ! Bazinga